Personal Energetic Symbol

Unique symbol, channeled specifically for the individual.

With connection to spirit, i channel sacred imagery in the form of symbols or sigils. 

Drawn from higher dimensional fields of awareness, these evocative forms capture sophisticated and intelligent energies of the field and present them in an abstract but tangible manner. These medititative symbols act as keys or frequencies - codes and activations that work through the wisdom of your heart, unlocking and awakening you to the reality of who you truly are.

People come to me to receive their own, uniquely channeled symbol for use in meditation, healing, integration, alchemisation, remembrance and alignment to their higher souls.

Order Personal Symbol

Unique symbol, channeled specifically for the individual.
Beautifully designed and shipped in a diamond polished refractive prism.

A recent photo is required.

• Short consultation
• Symbol printed in Prism
• Symbol as Phone wallpaper

Depending on waitlist, symbols are created within a week of your payment and short consultation.

Please email a recent photograph to once you have confirmed your order.